Our Mission: To promote environmental education, awareness, and action that benefits both the natural world and people, inspiring youth and communities to Conserve It Forward!

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Eat Aware Today

Because our food choices matter

to the environment and all living things!

Did you know it takes a lot of water to make our food?

*Water is used to grow plants.

*Water is consumed by animals raised for food; water is also used to grow food these animals eat.

*Water can be polluted by agricultural runoff.

Did you know that food is one of the biggest producers of greenhouse gases (GHGs)?

*Deforestation: trees produce oxygen; when trees are cut down, this process stops and the trees release stored carbon

*Animals release methane, one of the most harmful GHGs to the environment.

*Transportation: where does your food come from? Foods sourced closer to home require less resources.

 The first versions of the EAT bookmark have arrived from the printer! Please email us if you would like us to mail you bookmarks for your class or group!

Did you know that by making simple changes in which foods we choose to eat, we can all help reduce water usage, Greenhouse Gases (GHGs), habitat destruction, and so much more?

EAT will be available as a bookmark, which can be folded into a pocket-sized guide.

With an easy to understand, straight forward approach, EAT: Eat Aware Today includes color codes common foods within basic food groups to reflect how the foods we choose to eat matter.

Eat Aware Today is a project by Conserve It Forward, in partnership with the forthcoming Pacha's Pajamas book: Foodlandia

EATinfographic.jpg Click the infographics to download  full size versions to print and share. Choose textured or white background. EAT Infographic_white bg.pdf