Our Mission: To promote environmental education, awareness and action that benefits both the natural world and people, inspiring youth and communities to Conserve It Forward

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How  can I donate?  

Donations can be made by PayPal or check through our donations page. You will be thanked on our website unless you prefer to remain anonymous.

More Information About How To Participate

1) Sign your name and location from anywhere in the world; it just takes a minute to participate by email!  

Just email us your name and location as you want it listed, and we will add it to a Care Can card.  

2) Email us an image of your nature themed artwork or photos that we can put on Care Can cards!

Email us a decent size digital file of your artwork or photo, along with the information below.  By emailing us your donated artwork or photo, you indicate 1) your permission for Conserve It Forward to reuse and reprint it indefinitely as part of this Care Can Cards project, and 2) the submission is your own work and that you own all rights to it.

Please include the following information:

ARTWORK 1) your name as we should credit it on the card, 2) a title (make sure to include the name of anything specific in the artwork, like the type of animal), and, 3) a suggested greeting to include on the card (remember, space is limited!).

Click HERE for some great examples of Care Can cards we have made with donated artwork!

PHOTO 1) your name as we should credit it on the card, 2) location of photo, and 3) short message, whether information or inspirational, about what is in the photo.  

3) GROUPS! We have 2 ways you can participate with assembly and/or deliver of Care Can Cards to a hospital, assisted living center or other care facility near you!  

Here’s the basic information. Please email us with your questions.

Option 1 (with assembly or card packets): You or your group cut, fold and put the elastic bands on sets of cards.  You contact a hospital or care center in your community and arrange delivery. Take photos of your delivery! If patients or residents can be in the photos, great! If not, due to facility policy, then take a photo of you/your group with the cards and some facility staff members. Email your photos to us so we can share them online!

Option 2 (without assembly of card packets): Same as above, except there is no assembly because our volunteers here in Tampa have already done that part for you!

How the Care Can Sets are organized.  All cards are assigned to a set, maintained in digital form, and reprinted for future Care Cans.   

Care Cans Update

March 2015

3,539 people in ALL 50 states

(+1 Canadian province) have received our cards. That’s a total of 22,558 cards.

People from 8 countries have sent in artwork or helped in making the cards (including 22 US states and 3 Canadian provinces). People of all ages, just like you, have contributed artwork, photographs and signatures.


*Assembly of card packets - it’s a great group project!

*Set up a delivery to a hospital/care center

(we mail supplies to you!)

Thank you,

Care Can Sponsors,

for  sponsoring this project!

*Youth Service America Summer of Service Award grant

*Pacha’s Pajamas

*Balance Edutainment

*Farm Rich

*Radio Disney Heroes for Change Award in partnership with Youth Service America

*Carrie Peterson

*Kaitlyn Allen & her family

*Brenda Goldstein

*Vicki Parsons on behalf of Bay Soundings

*Roy & Barbara Theisen

*Lora L. Smith, PhD

*George & Murray Sellers on behalf of Lucy & Sally

*George & Murray Sellers on behalf of Andy

*The Theisen Family

A HUGE thanks to Youth Service America for their grant which has helped us reach our goal of delivering kindness and nature to  people in ALL 50 states!

Conserve It Forward Care Can Cards

Nature helps people feel better.  Care Cans bring nature to people.  YOU can help from anywhere in the world for free.

Care Cans began as cans of mini cards delivered to people in hospitals and private homes, but has grown to include many recipients, including those in assisted living and other care centers.

Care Can Cards are filled with nature themed messages, artwork,

photos and care

from people around the world!


We reached our goal

to deliver kindness and nature through our cards to people in all 50 States!

Individuals and groups can participate in this fun service project that combines nature and people!  

*Sign your name to a card - we’ll add it digitally as a signature on a Care Can card (just email us your name/location)

*Email us a photo of a picture you draw, color, paint or other artwork, so we can add the image to a card

*Email us your nature photos so we can add them to cards

*Groups anywhere in the world!  A fun, easy service project activity for birthday parties, Scout troops, classrooms and camps!

Who receives the Care Can Cards?  

*Patients in hospitals

*Residents in assisted living centers


(Please note our current focus is on group deliveries to medical and care facilities only. If you are interested in a delivery to an individual person, please contact us about availability.)