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* 16 and Saving the World: MVP Avalon Jade Theisen, by Abby Murphy, State Games of America 2017 (6/17)

* Meet the Awesome 15 Year Old Who Wants the World to Ditch Meat to Help the Environment One Green Planet (4/17)

* White House Champions of Change Press Release by Green Schools (2/15)


* Animalearn Honors Young, Frog-Friendly Activist As Humane Student Of The Year (12/14)

* Four Ways Eco-Teens are Creating Change, LUSH Cosmetics blog (9/14)

* Avalon meets Dr. Jane Goodall, Magnificen Blog (9/14)

* The Planet Needs More Superheroes!, Amphibian Survival Alliance blog (7/14)

* Imagination Heals Launches “We Are ALL Connected” Global Youth Initiative

Digital Journal (7/14)

* How the Croak of the Wild Empowered This Child, Avalon’s TEDxYouth@TampaBay talk,

Blog by the Amphibian Survival Alliance (2/14)

* Florida/USA: Avalon fights for frogs and snakes by Global Green

Kids, an international project of Radijojo World Childrens Radio &

Media Network in Berlin (2/14)

* Award Winning Philanthropic Musical by Scott Black

FOCUS Magazine (12/13)

* Farm Rich Donates $2,000 to Tampa Youth Nonprofit

by Kim Holzinger (10/13)

* Announcing our TEDxYouth@TampaBay 2013 Presenters! (9/13)

* 50 Finalists announced for inaugural Peace First Prize (8/13)

* Surreal Radio Show, 96.5 WSLR.  Avalon’s segment on frogs is

at minutes 38:08-55:30 (6/13)

* Young Movers, With a Passion for Change.  

The New York Times Opinionator by David Bornstein (5/13)

* Frogs and Toads vanishing? Not if Avalon has her way by Betsy Franz (5/13)

* They’re Fighting for Earth: These kid heroes are working to save the planet. Time for Kids magazine by TFK staff. (4/13)

* Talkupy radio show; Adventures with Frogs and Snakes (4/13)

* Time for Kids magazine, Earth Day feature, Kid Heroes for the Planet: Green for Frogs; middle elementary and upper elementary issues (4/13)

* County Commissioners to Honor Local Youth with YEA! Awards on April 17 (4/13)

* Celebrities Join the Call for for Media Outlets to Increase Uplifting Children’s Entertainment on Earth Day - April 22nd, 2013; Avalon Theisen, Heal Our World, Heal Ourselves campaign (4/13)

* Celebrities Call for Action for Mass Media Outlets to Increase Uplifting Children’s Programming; Avalon Theisen, Spokesperson, Heal Our World, Heal Ourselves campaign (4/13)

* Young Heroes Saving the Planet, BonfireImpact.com by Sydney Colbert (4/13)

* Conservation Award winners announced at 5th Annual Green Gala by Wild South; Avalon Theisen Outstanding Youth in Conservation for 2012 (3/13)

* 12-Yr-Old Conservationist Educates at Brooker Creek: After Avalon Theisen's presentation on Saturday, some people are probably wondering if they're smarter than a sixth-grader or not.  East Lake Patch by Rachel Jolley (2/13)

* Announced-5th Annual Conservation Awards Nominee Finalists by Wild South

* 12-Yr-Old Conservationist to Speak at Brooker Creek: Avalon Theisen is no stranger to educating the masses, and on Saturday, she’ll make a highly anticipated stop in East Lake. East Lake Patch by Rachel Jolley (2/13)

* Talking Animals Show featured guest, WMNF (12/12)

* Wendell’s Frog Blog Feature (12/12)

* Fascination for frogs, and other green things

Laker Lutz News by B.C. Manion (11/12)

* Ten inspirational Facebook groups run by kids making a difference

Examiner.com by Alicia Bayer (11/12)

* Frogs and the environment need our help: Everyday Hero feature (story and television feature video), BayNews9.com (11/12)

* Local champion of frogs is everyday hero by Hillsborough Water Atlas (11/12)

*Florida Teen Honored for Conservation Efforts (USA/National feature) (10/19/12)

Voice of America by Faiza Elmasry

(Age initially was reported as 14 instead of 11.)

*Tampa girl is a conservation hero (10/12)

Kingsnake.com by Cindy Steinle

*First Here, Then Everywhere (10/12)

There are 2 links: Interview and Feature

*11-Year-Old Frog Advocate Named a Winner of the Gloria Barron Prize for Young Heroes: Florida girl conducts presentations on frogs and their importance to the environment (10/12)


*Avalon Theisen: A Young Friend of Frogs, Save the Frogs, by Scott Harris (10/15/12)

SaveTheFrogs.com newsletter and website feature, interview by Scott Harris with the following newsletter description by Save the Frogs! Executive Director Dr. Kerry Kriger: “It's not often you get to meet an international eco-hero, so I was pleased to have lunch with frog conservationist Avalon Theisen. Avalon holds Save The Frogs Day events in Tampa, and is the winner of our Nate The Newt Award for Amphibian Conservation, as well as the Gloria Barron Prize For Young Heroes Prize and the International Eco-Hero Award! This busy seventh grader recently took time out of her schedule to speak with Save The Frogs Volunteer Journalist Scott Harris about her frog conservation efforts!”

*Tampa Girl Honored for Amphibian Advocacy (10/12)

Tampa Tribune by Rob Shaw

* T.A. Barron and 2012 Gloria Barron Prize winner Avalon Theisen (10/12) VIDEO

* Satellite media tour; 24 tv and radio interviews for various stations, some airing nationally and internationally; Avalon represented the Gloria Barron Prize and her amphibian conservation work (New York City, NY) (10/12)

* EPA Student Blog (9/12)

*Featured Kid of the Week Avalon Theisen and Conserve It Forward, Inc. at Nisha360.com (September 2012)

*August 2012 Featured at Kids Are Heroes

* WildVolunteer.com feature (8/12)

* Talking Animals Show call-in guest, WMNF (3/12)

*Action for Nature article (1/12)

*Friendly Water for the World, Inc. (November 2011)

*Neighborhood News cover story by Sean Bowes (August 2011)

*Action for Nature press release

International Young Eco-Hero Award recipients announced

*CurrClick Student of the Week (March 2011)