Our Mission: To promote environmental education, awareness, and action that benefits both the natural world and people, inspiring youth and communities to Conserve It Forward!

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When we save frogs, we save the environment! Citizen science, informational links, and helpful products like frog dissection software Also, see our page “Make Some Frog Habitat”

How can I be a Citizen Scientist or volunteer to help the frogs?

1) Become a FrogWatch USA volunteer!

Visit http://www.aza.org/frogwatch/ to find a chapter near you

-Go to workshops to learn about frogs and their calls

-Record what you hear and report it

2) If you are in Florida, you can become a Cuban Treefrog Reporter

Visit http://ufwildlife.ifas.ufl.edu/citizen_sci.shtml

-Learn how to identify invasive Cuban Treefrogs

-Send in photos or information about Cuban Treefrogs you find

Can you give a presentation or do an activity with my class, Scout troop or group?

Absolutely! Please visit our What We Offer page to learn more.

What are some ways I can learn more about frogs?

There are so many websites, but here are some of my favorites:

Save the Frogs!


Save the Frogs has a ton of resources, contests, opportunities for action, education and so much more.  

They also award money for people working towards amphibian conservation, including children!  Conserve It Forward Founder Avalon Theisen was awarded the Save the Frogs! Nate the Newt Award for Amphibian Conservation in 2011, and the Save the Frogs Day Award in 2012, both of which have helped enable Conserve It Forward to grow!

Amphibian Ark


Amphibian Specialist Group / Amphibian Survival Alliance


The Amphibian Project


All About Frogs


North American Amphibian Monitoring Program

Areas served: North America


Frog call look-up and frog listening quiz


For information about Florida’s frogs, visit UF Wildlife – Johnson Lab


What are some cool products to help me save frogs?

The Digital Frog 2.5

The Digital Frog 2.5 software is divided into dissection, anatomy and ecology sections at the Main Menu which lets you easily focus where you want!  I love that they have an ecology section, because it helps the user understand how people and frogs relate in the real world.  You learn about things like behavior,and biodiversity, and very importantly, you learn about ways you can help, like with the Adopt-a-Pond program. Using The Digital Frog 2.5 software will not only save live frogs from dissection, but will also help you learn about environmental concerns, and lead you to finding ways that you can help save frogs and the environment!

Digital Frog International, Inc. has generously provided a coupon code for Conserve it Forward followers.  To receive 25% off of your order, please use the coupon code CONSERVEFROG (case sensitive!)!  Visit www.DigitalFrog.com to learn more about The Digital Frog 2.5, as well as other software that the company provides such as digital field trips.  Please note there are school and home license options available, and the discount code will apply to any software purchase.  If you are purchasing a school license, please quote the code on your purchase order.  Want to try it out first?  No problem!  At their website you can download the full version of The Digital Frog from their Frogger Club and use it for 24 hours free!

Froguts, Inc.

This software is so fun, doesn’t cost a lot of money, and allows us to learn to dissect frogs and learn anatomy without bad smells, expensive equipment and without killing frogs!   The people at Froguts are great, too, so that’s even better!  Froguts is great virtual dissection and lab software and I have used it since early 2011.  Froguts has also been an awesome sponsor of our Tampa area Save the Frogs Day in 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014!  

Critter Skimmer

If you have a pool, then you need a Critter Skimmer.  It replaces your old skimmer lid with a new one that has a spiral ramp that leads to an opening in the cover so frogs and other small animals can escape your pool.  I live in Florida, and our pool has a Critter Skimmer.  If you have a pool, make sure you check these out!

Life Cycle of Frogs

Thanks to Mrs. Kennedy and her students for suggesting the following life cycle link!  I love to hear from people who find my the Conserve It Forward site helpful and want to add to it! - Avalon

From water to land; the life cycle of a frog


I have always loved animals, especially amphibians and reptiles. I realized I could be a voice for the environment through frogs, an important disappearing indicator species that let us know about the health of the environment.

Frogs are facing a lot of challenges, but there are so many easy things we can do to help!  

FrogLog Jr is here!

I am honored to have worked with the Amphibian Survival Alliance as the Guest Editor for their premier youth edition!

Please share this great, free, downloadable resource with everyone you know, including classes, camps and other groups!