Our Mission: To promote environmental education, awareness, and action that benefits both the natural world and people, inspiring youth and communities to Conserve It Forward!

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“If we all do small acts, then together we will make big, positive changes for the world!”

Find a project you love, act on it, share it with others...that’s how you conserve it forward!”

                                                                     -Avalon Theisen, Founder

Access FrogLog Jr here!

Avalon worked with the Amphibian Survival Alliance as their Guest Editor to create the first youth edition of their publication!

Please share this great, free, downloadable resource with everyone you know, including classes, camps and other groups!

One of our favorite parts of doing programs in the community is talking about frog adaptations!

Avalon went to the

White House to talk about climate change!

She also got to speak

about how our food choices affect

the environment,

one of her passions!

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"Every bite we eat is a chance to make positive change

for our entire planet and all living things in it!"

Eat Aware Today is our newest project area. Learn more!  

*First printing is in! Bookmarks are ready for shipping!

Paris: COP21/United Nations Climate Change Conference: Connecting with students from around the world!

Sharing lunch with student activists from around the world - included in this photo are students from Green School Bali, Roosevelt School of Peru, Marymount International School, and the American School in Paris.

Peacemakers: Taking Action for Positive Change

Avalon is creating this course on changemaking geared for students in elementary through high school! Offered through Athena’s Advanced Academy in fall 2017, you can register here!

Conserve It Forward is participating in Kindness Rocks!

Similar to our initiative with Care Cards which brought nature and happiness to thousands of people in all 50 States and Canada, Kindness Rocks brings a smile to people everywhere.

We are excited to be participating in 2017! #KindnessRocks #ConserveItForward

Join us by decorating and planting your own rocks!

DOWNLOAD our label HERE.           Learn more about The Kindness Rocks Project HERE.